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Despite the tragic losses suffered by Bomber Command during the 1939/1945 conflict there remained a strong comradeship, indomitable spirit and high level of morale amongst all its members. Following the end of the conflict a number of those who served in the Command were determined to maintain these ideals and recorded their names in an unofficial Bomber Command Register. In 1985 The Bomber Command Association was formed as a means of continuing that comradeship and perpetuating the Command's history with truth, dignity and pride.

The Association is governed by a formal Constitution. The policies and management are the responsibilities of an Executive Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting to which all Members are invited.

A full-time Secretary is assisted by a part-time Registrar. A volunteer Trading Officer undertakes the day-to-day operation of the Association. The Association has a permanent headquarters at the R.A.F. Museum at Hendon.

The Association's objectives, as defined by the constitution, are: To promote the efficiency of the Royal Air Force and preserve its traditions by maintaining contact between past and present members of Bomber Command and Strike Command, fostering esprit-de-corps and comradeship.

To support the charitable work of the Bomber Command Hall (of the R.A.F. Museum) and other projects which educate and inform the general public in the work and history of Bomber Command and the V-Force.

In May 2001 Membership numbered 6,000 including 750 who live overseas. For a modest subscription, membership of the Association is available to all who served in Bomber Command, the V-Force, Strike Command or in associated Allied Air Forces, regardless of rank or trade. There is also the opportunity to become an Associate Member for those who did not, or could not, serve in the Command but may have an interest in our heritage and how the history of the Command is portrayed.

The Association provides the facility and opportunity to meet with service comrades and others with similar backgrounds or interests. The Association publishes periodic newsletters and there are local branches which offer social meetings, visits etc.

The year 2002 was designated a Commemorative Year for Bomber Command - 60 years since Sir Arthur Harris was appointed Commander-in-Chief, 60 years since Bomber Command started taking the campaign with great force into the German heartland, 60 years since the first '1000 Bomber Raid', and 60 years since the Command's activities were joined by the USAAF 'Mighty Eighth' Air Force.

Recommended reading:
The Bomber War - Arthur Harris and the Allied Bomber Offensive 1939 -1945 by Robin Neillands, published by John Murray.

Bomber Harris - His Life and Times by Air Commodore Henry Probert, published by Greenhill Books Lionel Leventhal Ltd.

The Hardest Victory by Denis Richards, published by John Curtis / Hodder & Stoughton.

Bomber Command: Reaping the Whirlwind by Professor Richard Overy, published by Harper Collins.













Painting of the memorial flight Lancaster












Recommended videos:
Bomber Command: Reaping the Whirlwind

Bomber Command: Testament to Courage
(also recently released as
Bomber Command: Enemy Coast Ahead).

Both available direct from the Bomber Command Association.

Information and Contacts
Requests for further information concerning the Bomber Command Association, including application for membership should be addressed to:

Douglas Radcliffe MBE
The Secretary
Bomber Command Association
R.A.F. Museum
Grahame Park Way

Tel: 0208 358 4841


Marshal of the Royal Air Force
Sir Michael Beetham GCB CBE DFC AFC FRAeS

Squadron Leader Tony Iveson

Douglas Radcliffe MBE



Bomber Command: Reaping the Whirlwind
is one of several documentary films available
on video from the Association.

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